About Me

Hello there! I am Joshua Barrera, an artist from a nation of over 7,000 islands. This blog of mine is all about the stuff I love – art, adventures, and toys. It’s a portfolio of my artworks, a series of my photos from my adventures around the world, and photos of my toy collection.


I love the arts (paintings, illustrations, sculptures, photography, and fashion mainly) and I consider myself a maker of art. My favorite medium is ink, which is evident throughout my portfolio. I often try out other media and incorporate them with my art style and medium. What I believe greatly inspires me in making works is my travels within my home country and overseas, my hobby in gaming (formerly) and collecting toys, myths and legends, and sci-fi and fantasy themes.


Aside from posting my works, I also showcase my exhibits and the events such as bazaars that I have participated in or curated (if not my works). Furthermore, I post about events related to art that I get to witness.


It’s all about adventures as well since I love traveling to many places. I travel mostly for sightseeing. I also feature my hobbies like collecting games and toys which I have been doing for around 10 years already. My largest toy collection would probably be Pokémon, since I collect all sorts of merchandise from figures and plush toys to accessories and essentials (bags, stationary items, etc.).


Lastly, I am a co-founder of VIBRANT (VIBRANT Art Studios or V.A.S), an artist group founded by me and my best buddy Nigel Villaceran. Officially launched in 2017, the two of us aimed to achieve our ambitions and dreams in our artist careers together. That is why the two of us are not only just buddies for life, but also business partners.



Facebook : facebook.com/vasvibrant

Instagram : @jcvbarrera / @vasvibrant

VSCO : @jcvbarrera / @vibrantartstudios

Pinterest : @wyvern44

Google+ : @jcvbarrera923

You can also check out vasvibrant.wordpress for more about VIBRANT Art Studios. 😄


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