End of the Road in Cali

It started with a sunset and ended with a sunrise. A month’s journey it was when I stepped into the state of California since my arrival from across the ocean. It all came back down to where it all began… up north, in the city of San Francisco. 

After almost a year since my adventure on the other side of the globe, here is my final post for my time in the United States in 2016. Previously I posted about the road going back to San Francisco from Los Angeles. To continue I stopped at Stanford to hang around and explore the area. The shopping center was beautiful. I loved the whole place including the balance of greens and urban elements. Even humming birds would hover around the area. It was sundown by then, thus the ride along the long road between two great cities and those in between ended. I was near the heart of San Francisco once again. It’s almost as if I could feel the residential theme from Final Fantasy XIV “Where the Hearth Is” play in my head whenever I see these pictures I take.

Stanford Shopping Center
Stanford Shopping Center Fountain
Sundown at Stanford Shopping Center
Pink Flowers at Stanford Shopping Center
White Flowers at Stanford Shopping Center

Stanford Shopping Center in the evening
Hanging lights at Stanford Shopping Center
From there I headed back for the city of San Francisco itself and arrived at the air bed and breakfast that overlooked a nice misty view of the city. For my remaining days I spent going back to places I wanted to see again and also went to the de Young museum. After that it was time for me to leave the land at midnight.

De Young Museum
Giant Safety Pin
Sculpted Apples on the Ground
Modern art sculpture

The car that I used for the whole trip.

Interior of San Francisco International Airport
and I boarded the plane later on after playing Pokémon GO for a while in one of the airport’s terminals. It was both a rough and good sleep in the plane. Something I noticed when I would look out in the plane when I was halfway across the Pacific ocean was that the sunrise just would go on for hours. 
The endless sunrise over the Pacific ocean.

There ends my trip. There ends almost a year of posting the chronicles of my adventures in the United States. For sure I would go back again someday. It was truely a memorable and cherishable time being in a land far across the ocean from my own. 


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