Pokémon Figures : Sun & Moon I

It’s been months of waiting to get the opportunity of expanding my figure collection of Pokémon once more. A few days ago I finally got a handful of figures from the latest generation of Pokémon : Sun & Moon. Just to see the blue bag from the Pokémon Center lit my spirits up to excitement as if I was the person who went to the store itself. It reminded me of my first time entering the Pokémon Center in the district of Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Japan.

Like what I always do after unboxing these guys, I take pictures of them. So here they are; the newest additions to my evergrowing collection.

Rotom as a Pokédex
Tapu Koko
Tapu Lele
Lycanroc — Midnight Form
Sandslash — Alolan Form
Vulpix — Alolan Form
Solgaleo, the mascot for Pokémon Sun
Lunala, the mascot for Pokémon Moon

Prior to everyone else, I was able to get a hand on this one several months ago as it was released in my country early along with the starters.


I can’t wait for everyone else including the Ultra Beasts to be released! I’ll be posting the starters set after this one.


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