Color CoutureĀ 

Perhaps a play of simple colors and shapes contrasting a modern city skyline like the one of Singapore while on a yacht is the factor that inspires me to create pieces like these. In May 2016, I started a work that is directly taken from the fourth season of reality show Asia’s Next Top Model. The actual photo, in which I recreated through my art style, is from the 6th episode when the 8 remaining contestants had to pose wearing designs by the online fashion store Zalora in a yacht as it went through the river. Of the 8 photos, I chose to recreate the photograph of South Korean contestant Sang-In who was awarded as best performer of that episode. Definitely it is not the best shoot the show produced. As a matter of fact it bores me to see the same cityscape concept used over and over every season. I guess it’s the factor of playing safe and avoiding challenges… there is so much to explore and experiment in terms of creating concepts for fashion shoots whether it is simple, crazy, classic, commercial, and so on.

In the last week of July (just a few days ago), I finally finished this work after more than a year. I am content with finishing this piece because I return to my unfinished works after sometime and complete them. I have certain unfinished works that I still plan to continue while I let others remain as a ‘legacy’ to show how I have developed through the years. 

Color Couture (2017) by Joshua Barrera, a piece inspired from Asia’s Next Top Model S4.

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