Sinulid : The Threads of DesignĀ 

Just exactly a week ago I attended Sinulid : The Threads of Design as a VIP guest because of familiars acquainted with the fashion event. It was all about the graduating batch of fashion design and merchandising from the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde that held a runway show and set design exhibit in the SM Aura Mall in Taguig. The word SinulidĀ means “thread” in the Filipino language.Ā The runway show happened in Thursday, July 27, and featured 40 young designers that did a fantastic job with showcasing an average of three pieces each. The pieces were of couture and high fashion as none of the designs seemed to be meant for casual use. Each design showcased each student’s personality or philosophy towards a certain aspect in life. Throughout the week, the merchandising students set up eye-catchy and expensive looking booths showcasing how they would style their stores towards specific markets.
Here are some of the photos I took during my time there.

Merchandising Exhibit


This was the booth that my sister showed me when she was in the area days prior to me dropping by. It is also what gave me interest to watch the fashion show and take a look at the exhibit. By then, I decided to join my family to attend the event as my family knew school officials and local designers as family friends. I’d say the Intreā€¢’Keā€¢Si booth is one of my favorites.


I love the futuristic design of this booth entitled Pamela.Ā This one definitely catches a lot of attention.

Moda Attivo

This one looks as if a European designer brand decided to set up a mini branch here. I love the simplicity of shapes and colors used in this booth. For me to remind myself that these designers and merchandisers are a few years older than me or even my age probably is something special.


I find this one as a cute concept because of all the elements in this set coming together perfectly (the ropes are stunning as props to hang garments) and the title as well. Bulsa means “pocket” in Filipino.


I struggled to get a decent shot of this booth from my gadget because there were so many people in this one. Even in my own photo an arm can be seen but it’s fine. This booth is definitely one of the crazier and playful ones that I think is very cool and trendy.


This is a lovely resort set up given all the props present here to make it look like a cruise themed shop. This booth for me targets those who wish to have the latest trends for a seaside getaway.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the namecard for this one but I definitely love this! There’s a gothic and glamorous vibe that comes out from this collection.

Another lovely and very playful booth. This is a very striking booth and is the first one you see when you enter the exhibit. The vibrant combination of colors are simply amazing.
There were other booths that I absolutely loved but was not able to take proper photos of because of people obstructing them. There was an interesting booth at the back named Bettina HagadĀ that featured designs with paint, a sweet dolly pink booth, a stylish one named Elsa, and a few more in which I was not able to take photos of. Nevertheless, the exhibit overall was an amusement.
Runway ShowAfter checking out the exhibit, I went to the runway show venue and was placed two rows away from the walkway due to my VIP band and reservation. Unfortunately I did not take photos from my area however I absolutely enjoyed the show. Here are photos instead taken by my sister. There were so many photos to choose from (around 400 photos) so I just chose three shots, in which I loved the outfits. There are many more outfits that I loved and would have posted here but it is a lot to post, hence I kept it simple.

Anneth Dela Calzada

That is my favorite garment from the show for the womenswear. It looks like a dusty rose. I love the flowy and elegant texture of the dress. The designer’s floral collection was lovely.

Rosbert Villar

Another collection I love, the male model is not in the picture but his garment was white with pearls all over. I love all three looks from this designer given the regal, couture, and intricate appearance. The garments are one of the most epic I’ve seen in person.

John Kelvin Morales

This one is another favorite of mine because of the bizarre appearance of the garments. It goes to show that the designer can achieve avant-garde designs like this. This is one of the most memorable collections for me.

I loved the show and the exhibit. As I mentioned earlier, to think that the designers are around my age (slightly older), there is so much diversity and creativity out there that can be done at such a young age. On my part, I’d continue to pursue my career in arts as I promote my own hobby and business Vibrant Art Studios as well. Lastly, I look forward to seeing more events like this one.


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