Highway Out, Highway In

It was time for me to venture back into the north; back to San Francisco, the place where I started my adventure in the United States. After leaving Los Angeles and enjoying the scenery along the coastal road, I eventually entered an inland road that also leads back up north, heading for my next stop in San Luis Obispo. I stopped multiple times to take a look at the sceneries in certain viewing points.

Mountain range from a viewing point.
An endless dry field over California.

Before reaching San Luis Obispo, I pulled over into the Danish city of Solvang. The atmosphere was very calm and laid-back with bakeries almost anywhere in the midst of a chilly late afternoon.

Denmarket Square in Solvang.
A replica of the infamous Little Mermaid statue of Denmark.
Solvang Windmill.
From there I headed for San Luis Obispo and arrived there at night. The next day I explored the area a bit and eventually headed up North once again with several spots to stop in such as Gilroy.
Beach at San Luis Obispo.
On the road in the afternoon.
Outlet Complex of Gilroy Shopping Center.

A pleasant drive and change of scenery it was as we went back. By the late afternoon I arrived in to Stanford.

Since I did not post about the road going down South, here are some photographs aside from my overnight stay in Monterey.

A stop in a bridge.
Hollister Peak
Sea Lions at Vista Point, Highway 1.


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