City of Angels II : Art and Fossils

Aside from experiencing all the glamour around the city of Los Angeles, I spent some of my days there in the museums. I did not visit all, but there were quite a number that I took interest in. Here are some of the photographs I took during my time there in September 2016.


The Getty Center

As an artist, the Getty Center was a must-see for me. It was a mix of works from periods back and current ones that are up for exhibition. It was great to see the Lillies artwork by Van Gogh gracing the museum’s walls in front of me.


I was able to take a look at the featured London Calling exhibit by a number of artists. Not only do the artworks add life to the place, but the whole scenery and architecture of the complex.


LaBrea Museum and Tar Pits

LaBrea Tar Pits


A museum located in downtown Los Angeles, it stands in a park filled patches of tar pits (until today) that have existed in pre-historic times. It is an area wherein several fossils and remains of pre-historic creatures were found.



It’s very interesting to find out that such a pre-historic sight still exists in the middle of a modern city, especially when the tar pits remain the same in form until today.


Petersen Automotive Museum

Another museum located in downtown LA, only a few blocks away from the LaBrea Tar Pits is the Petersen Automotive Museum. Seeing this museum up close caught my attention due to its intriguing look. Personally, I love the exterior look of this museum.





LACMA Lights

Another art museum just across the street from the Petersen Automotive Museum is LACMA. I loved the art installation of several lamp posts put together. It makes a great place for photo taking.

LACMA Lights
The installation of numerous lamp posts taken at night.


Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

The last museum I visited was on the morning before I headed back up north. Here I was amazed to see dinosaur bones, even those of my favorite ones (I like dinosaurs that once lived under the sea) and the hall of gemstones, rocks, and minerals was simply fantastic.


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