City of Angels I : Starstruck

A few months ago I resumed posting the photographs I took of my travels in the state of California back in September 16. That previous post was during the little time, an overnight stay, I spent in the city of Monterey. For this post I’ll be posting what happened next.

After Monterey it was hours of driving til sunset. We headed for a mountainous area for a while to which I cherished the view from the car because it was too dark for any of my gadgets to capture. Second, there were a lot of other vehicles that would obstruct whatever I loved seeing. As it continued to get darker my family and I began to venture into Los Angeles itself. I arrived in the evening so taking photographs and the actual sightseeing happened the next day.

I spent the morning of my first day in LA in Hollywood Boulevard. I walked up and down, did a lot souvenir and clothes shopping (I even bought my favorite shirt from Guess there). It was also nice taking a look at the glamorous hot pink stars with names of celebrities laid on it.



In the afternoon we drove around certain roads, saw the palm trees, etc. I returned with my family later in the day to Hollywood Boulevard because we wanted to see Marilyn Monroe’s hand prints, it was when my sister found out that even she had but were not in the Chinese Theatre. Unfortunately by the time we got back hers was already stored again. At first my sister thought a sculpture of her along the road was just a sculpture until we came to realize that her hand prints were below it once searched on the internet.

After that I went around other parts of LA and had dinner in Little Tokyo. Also, it was a night as well when fire trucks, police cars, and even helicopters started swarming the area because of a fire in a building nearby. Little Tokyo was not on fire, however the place was full of smoke.


Atleast I got to take some photos late in the afternoon the following day. Here are some photos of Day 2 in LA.


LA Little Tokyo
Little Tokyo late in the afternoon.
Downtown LA Skyline
Los Angeles Skyline taken from the highway.

LA City Hall
LA City Hall
The city hall reminded me of the days I used to play the game SWAT 3 when I was a lot younger, since one of the campaigns took place in that area.
I also went up the observatory at nightfall but there were was a huge crowd so I took a shot from a hill across.

LA Observatory and Skyline



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