Pillars of Heaven

Last year I spent a lot of time doing research in the field of mythology. There are ancient myths and tales out there of structures that reach the heavens or try to. Just like in my nation’s legends of the old, it is said that in a distant landscape stands pillars of a deity’s fortress that extends to the skies in a land where the sun rises. Well that is, a description given on to those stumble upon the epic of Hinilawod (also known as Sugidanon) from down South. Surely, myths from other regions across the globe can have legendary realms like this. It is what inspired me to make an artwork.

Here is my artwork of my interpretation of the scenery. I started it on December 26, 2016 and finished it on January 6, 2017. For this piece I only used black ink. This artwork simply tells a story of pillars standing high above in front of the rising sun with a gigantic wing stretching out from the bottom. 

Pillars of Heaven (2017)

 I was also inspired from the second phase of the trial arena known as Containment Bay P1T6 for the boss Sophia in the online game Final Fantasy XIV.


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