Dreams of Fragments I

Series 2 of my artworks for the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home is on the way due this September. A few weeks ago Series 1 : A Summer Fantasy concluded with me saying farewell to a number of my works. Since the launch of my second series is still two to three months away, I will be posting my first three latest installments for the second series. 

My collection is entitled Dreams of Fragments for Series 2. The themes that will be in the collection are those of fantasy and reality again but this time as if they were images from dreams. Some of the subjects may look off or incomplete because when I experience dreams I can only recall certain details and not everything. The works are not necessarily images that appeared in my dreams per se, but the whole point of the collection is to give a dreamy vibe.

Here are my first three pieces :

Sun Dream (2017) by Joshua Barrera

First up is my piece that I finished in June entitled Sun Dream. This is a work that has been running through my mind as a concept since I was doing my first series. At first I wanted to include it for A Summer Fantasy, however other concepts just came out. At least now I was able to execute it. The work is an image of a sun in a dreamscape with fragments around it. 

Fancy Peacock (2017) by Joshua Barrera

This is another work that I had been conceptualizing for a while. For this one I played around with its feathers with adding a twist: my art style. I added dots to fill it the feathered area up aside from just putting the textures that make male peacocks distinct. The work is also supposed to be a vivid yet fading image of a peacock in a dream, since its legs are just disappearing into the rest of the artwork. 

Blissful Dreamscape (2017) by Joshua Barrera

This is a work showing a dreamscape that is not so perfect as intended to be. Just like dream sequences, not all details can be recalled so in this work there are elements that I intended to look odd. I also experimented on color combinations here especially for the pinkish sky out of dots. 

So those are my first three works. I will continue uploading the rest as soon as September comes. Furthermore, I will be opening another exhibit area this time called Tiny Art Gallery by Tiny Planet, in partnership with Vibrant Art Studios. More details for that one soon as well! 


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