Magician’s Playground

Here’s my latest work that I did this past week as a birthday gift. I started it in 2014, at the same time together with Heat Wave (2017 – featured in the HEARTH exhibit) and Forgotten Playground (2016). Well, it was only the watercolor layer that I did at that time and left it the way it was until I finally was inspired to add a layer of ink into the artwork. 

“Magician’s Playground” by Joshua Barrera. A work of pen and ink and watercolor that began in 2014.
With the cool color scheme and blend of blue, violet, and magenta, I decided to make the artwork a magical scenery just like a number of my other works. The artwork shows a tree with some fragmented force field around it. I was inspired by this concept from several sci-fi / fantasy games I have played and seen throughout my life so far, especially ideas that break the laws of gravity. Aside from that, I’ve always dreamed of being in a world of fantasy. I’ve always wanted to have magical powers, because even in my dreams when I sleep it feels great to have extraordinary capabilities. Apparently in reality it is not all like that… as I much I would want it, I would not want it. 

I also called the artwork a ‘playground’ because through my perspective, I see myself as the magician making a fantasy scene before me by my own hands literally. It also represents time passing by. As someone who is growing in life, the artwork serves as a mark that I still have the heart of a child. The playground may have an absence of swings, sandboxes, slides and such but it is always a place where one can express freely. Just like in my work, it was mostly freehand as well. I just let the patterns from my ink pen flow freely and ideas run wild in mind, though I wanted to emphasize the watercolor paint as well.

This artwork is not part of Series 1 or Series 2 for my works in the HEARTH : Heritage and Art in the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home exhibit. However, this work serves as a transition to another series coming up. 


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