Stormblood Primals [Final Fantasy XIV]

A few days ago the official launch for Final Fantasy XIV’s expansion Stormblood made its way. In celebration for the launch, I worked on fan art of the two primals (bosses) that would make their debut in the expansion which are Lakshmi, the Lady of Bliss (announced in December 2016) and Susano, the Lord of Revel (announced in February 2017). I took a total of half a year to finish this mini-series due to the complex details of the two and other reasons such as my participation in exhibits.

Lakshmi – FFXIV (2017), a fan art piece of the primal released in the 4.0 patch of Final Fantasy XIV.
In the game Lakshmi, the Lady of Bliss, is the deity (primal) of the Ananta beast tribe. The Ananta beast tribe is an all-female half human – half serpentine race. She also makes her appearance in an older Final Fantasy game which is the franchise’s 6th edition, though she was referred to as Starlet. She is derived from Hindu mythology, being a Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty.

Some players who see my fan art might notice that I have given her a darker skin complexion. That is because I used the in-game model that was released back in December 2016. Recently, the launch trailer revealed her to have a fairer skin complexion and eventually her model was updated. Nevertheless, I find both models still awesome. I also love listening to her theme entitled Beauty’s Wicked Wiles. Her overall aesthetic is to give a dreamy feeling. Her theme is one of them, that gives off a magical and almost a Disney-like track that would play for a villain. 

Susano – FFXIV (2017), fan art of the primal from Final Fantasy XIV : Stormblood.

Susano is the deity of the Kojin beast tribe, a tribe of turtle-like beings. Compared to Lakshmi, Susano is an original primal / character who was released specifically for Final Fantasy XIV just like Ravana. In the myths and legends, he is the Japanese god of storms and is the brother of sun goddess Amaterasu and moon god Tsukuyomi. 

This fan artwork of Susano is one of my most complicated works so far due to of all the details I have to pay attention to. I am able to play around with my art style easier in the fan artwork for Lakshmi’s as it was mostly cloth in her design.

I love both of these works. I’d put the two primals as one of my favorites alongside the Warring Triad, Shiva, Ramuh, Odin, Alexander and additionally Shinryu. For both works I also love listening to their themes in the game. Lakshmi’s track is entitled Beauty’s Wicked Wiles, in which the melody is a majestic Middle Eastern / Indian sound while the lyrics are angelic but enchanting (just like Sophia’s theme Equilibrium). Susano’s track on the other hand is purely instrumental. His is all about the forces of nature since the focus of his theme is all on the drums.

My art materials are from Faber-Castell, Stabilo, Staedtler, Kaiser Craft, and Muji. From here I’ll be moving on to other projects. It was an adventure and pleasure working on these two characters in the midst of art shows and circumstances. 


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