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This post is a tribute to my best buddy Nigel Villaceran. Since today is his birthday, I’d like to promote his works here in this blog of mine aside from just uploading images into the Vibrant Art Studios social media pages. Here are two pieces that he made for me in the past years.
This is one of his older works done back in 2014. It was supposed to be a dragon (a serpentine one) but then it ended up looking like this. I value it a lot since it is the work that shows how he was starting off. When placing it side by side with his latest pieces, it is evident on how he has harnessed his talent through the years.

Here is a work he did for me last year. This one is a favorite of mine throughout his full body of work so far.

Wyvern (2016)

It is amazing to see how much the artist developed his craft throughout the years. With that I would want to see more fantastic pieces in the future. I’m glad to have a best buddy like him and also a business partner as well.
Here are other pages to his works:

Instagram : @b1ackdart /

Facebook :

WordPress : vibrantartstudios


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