Fire and Ice Solstice Celebration

In celebration of the Summer Solstice this year, the game PokĆ©mon Go had its special event running for a week from 1 pm (PDT) on June 13 to 1 pm (PDT) on June 20. The event focused on a higher chance for trainers to catch PokĆ©mon of fire types and ice types. Not only that, special sales for the Lucky Eggs were on a 50% discount and an increase of gaining XP (experience points) were included in the event’s content.

Promotional banner of PokƩmon GO for the Solstice Celebration 2017 Event
For a regular player of PokƩmon Go, I usually get to catch new pokƩmon when I travel outside my country. I guess it is how the gamemakers planned the locations of specific pokƩmon geographically. I am from a tropical nation and I only get to see certain ice-type pokƩmon appear during special events like Christmas and this one.

The event gave me access to pokĆ©mon I haven’t caught yet from all my travels across the globe. It was also a good time to boost my fire-types and ice-types in hand. Of all PokĆ©mon Go’s events and specials, I feel that this is the event that I felt I was able to participate fully. This is so since until now I’m still hatching all the eggs that I had received months ago from the Easter event.
More or less I caught more on the basic pokƩmon instead of their evolutions. Atleast I was able to catch up with my amount of candies for Ponyta, Swinub, Shellder, and Vulpix so that I could evolve them into their respective evolutions. Sneasel was also added unto my collection too.

Here are the 9 pokƩmon I was able to catch throughout the event. I caught more than one for most of these.









I enjoyed the event. I love the banners and promotions that are released for the event. It’s either I love the invitations a lot or I am a fan or both. There were so many of them to catch all at once especially when I took a short vacation over the weekend in the business district and commercial area. Well, it is almost a year for me since I have started playing this game. I regularly play especially when I head out of my house.


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