Getaway in the City

Last weekend was my parent’s wedding anniversary and at the same time an anniversary of my grandfather or nonno (who I refer to in Italian all the time). It was also a Father’s Day special. I spent a short vacation at the Peninsula Manila in the city’s financial district Makati and explored some areas nearby like the huge shopping complex. The shopping complex is of 12 malls side by side, with a wide range of shops. Some malls are more casual and commercial, while there are others that are more classy. So despite each mall being beside one another, there is a change in crowd. 

A view from the hotel room, the skyline of Makati and other parts of Manila.

It was a short stay but it felt relaxing and a lot longer than an overnight. 

A Thai dessert; sticky rice with mangoes and coconut milk served in Spices at the Peninsula Manila.
Premium chocolates of 8 different flavors at the Peninsula Manila as a room special.
Nightfall while walking in the streets of Makati.
Nightfall in the streets of Makati.


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