Warring Triad [Final Fantasy XIV]

After seven months I have finally completed one of my collections inspired and based on the Warring Triad from Final Fantasy XIV. These are three works.

Recently I finished Sephirot, the fiend and the first pillar of the Warring Triad. I did the other two members of the triad months ago (Zurvan in February 2017 and Sophia in October 2016). I made fan art of these three characters / bosses from the game because they are three of my favorite primals along with Shiva, Ramuh, Alexander, and Odin. Also three of my many favorite works, I will repost my fan art of Sophia and Zurvan here as well.
Sephirot, the Fiend (June 2017)

Fan art of Sephirot, a primal from Final Fantasy XIV.

In the game Sephirot is the first of the triad who breaks free from his chains (since he was captured previous to the game’s current storyline) and eventually battles the Warrior of Light, the hero of the game. He also has earth / nature as his primary element by looking at the designs of his attacks and storyline. He is said to be the deity of tree-like beings in the game. It is additionally not his first appearance in the series, as he was known as the Fiend back in Final Fantasy VI with a very similar appearance. In Final Fantasy XIV he made his debut in Patch 3.2 : Gears of Change.

Just like the other two members of the triad when it comes to mythological basis, Sephirot is taken from the Kabbalah. The triad as a whole are taken from ancient Middle Eastern / Meditteranean belief systems that may or may no longer exist today.

Here are the other two members of the Warring Triad which I have posted months ago. I provided the links to the blog entries of these two works as well.

Sophia, the Goddess (October 2016)

Fan art of Sophia, a primal from Final Fantasy XIV.

My blog post for Sophia in Nov. 2016.

Zurvan, the Demon (February 2017)

Fan art of Zurvan, a primal from Final Fantasy XIV.

Blog post for Zurvan in Feb. 2017

I still have lots of artworks to show, even from the exhibit. But for now, that is all!


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