HEARTH Artworks Part II

Now that the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Home exhibit has officially opened a few days ago, I will be sharing the other half of my collection. In comparison to my previous post which features only pen and ink works, this post is all about pen and ink with watercolor. 

My favorite medium when it comes to art is pen and ink. It is water-based, so an artwork that gets wet can immediately alter greatly in appearance. It is a fun yet tricky medium to use. Unlike acrylic paint wherein mistakes can be covered up with layers and pencil marks that can be erased, pen and ink has no trial and error whatsoever. Once a figure, a stroke, a mark is made on the canvas or paper, it is already there (not unless friction ink is used). 

Something I love to do with my medium is mixing it with other media into my works. One of them is watercolor. I love watercolor paint because it is very light and easy to layer. With that I fuse the media together to make a number of my works. 

For the exhibit I showed six works that have the technique of putting ink pens and watercolor together. These works are currently in the walls of the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home in Pasay, Manila. Some of them have been sold during the opening night while some remain up for sale. Here are the six works :

World Tree (Apr 2017)

I love using sceneries with trees as subjects for many reasons. One is that it represents life using the architypal theory. Second, it does not only produce life, rather it is a nesting ground for life. A common subject I use in my artworks is birds when it comes to animals, and birds would nest on the branches of trees. It is also home to many other creatures such as insects. In this work I entitiled it the “World Tree” as I want to give emphasis on the roots this time, as it is the basic factor that gives life to the tree. 

Inspired from the mythological tree Yggdrasil, the artwork also serves as a seasonal work for celebrating Earth Day 2017.
Soul Tree (Apr 2017)

In contrast to the World Tree, this is a scenery of a darker tale. In the midst of the tree’s beauty is my interpretation of a wasteland, which is why I put unusual shapes. The tree grew in the middle of the land. A silent, calm, scenery. And from an area with death and sorrow, did the tree give life to the place again. This work depicts that even in the more silent, still, dimmer images of life there is always the beauty of it. This work is inspired from playing online games that entail fantasy and also still images of life. What also inspires this work is another way of how people would have their bodies rest after they pass away; which is to turn them into a tree instead of being buried into a grave or being cremated.

A tree that grew in the midst of a landscape full of conflicts. It represents life and beauty in a lifeless area.

Heat Wave (May 2017)

This is a work that I started in 2014, in which it was only the watercolor layering. I finished it this 2017, after I finally had inspiration to fill up the vibrant watercolor wash of red with a subject of ink. For me, what makes this work beautiful and attractive is primarily because of its simplicity. I want to emphasize not just on the patterns of the work for this one, but the wash of red watercolor strokes in the painting.

An interpretation of the typical Summer vacation in a beach. The scene is a wave flowing in the midst of a sunset.
Leafy Sea Dragon (May 2017)

I chose this sea creature as a subject because of its appearance so that I could put my art style on it.

An artwork showing a leafy sea dragon through patterns and dots.
Rose Splash (May 2017)

Inspired from rose baths. I layered the rosy patterns on top of warm watercolor layers of pink and yellow.
Crimson Butterfly (Jun 2017)

Another creature that I wanted to try out because of the patterns that can be put on it. I chose the color of ink to be crimson with some patterns of magenta and red. The ink is layered on top of crimson watercolor paint with it fading to a mixture of dusty rose at the right as I put layers of smoky grey paint. 

A sweet and elegant image of a butterfly.

So those are my artworks that I presented for this exhibit. Of course I am happy to share my works with buyers who I may know personally or not, and I am happy to see them grace the walls of their home. I also have to say goodbye to them because at times artists grow attached to their works, because it took a part of their life. In the end, it was a wonderful experience to exhibit together with my best buddy and sister along with other experienced artists. 
There will still be one more post coming up ahead, which is the collaboration between me and my sister that was shown in the exhibit.

You can also see my works and more featured stories and details of the exhibit in our Vibrant Art Studios pages.

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