HEARTH Artworks Part I

With the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Home happening this Saturday (June 10), time flew by quickly since the day me and my best buddy accepted the offer to be a part of the exhibit. Now it is less than a week away and I am very excited to showcase my artworks.

For this post I will be sharing some of my works that I did specifically for this event. There are also artworks I did in the past (some of which have already been posted before, but I’ll repost them here) that I decided to put up for the show. I will be displaying a total of 14 works on the walls of the place. I originally planned to install 15 works, but given the amount of the time left only 14 were finished for framing. There are mainly two distinct types of artworks I will present for this exhibit; pen & ink, and pen & ink with watercolor. My first set of artworks that I put here below are those without watercolor and purely just pen and ink.

The title and theme of my collection for this exhibit will be an Introduction of Vibrant Art Studios. It introduces me and my art style to the local art scene together with fellow artists Nigel Villaceran and Hannah Barrera. In relation to other artists exhibiting in this event, the overall theme is all about home and family. The art show as a whole gives the feeling of artworks taking the place of family pictures hung on walls, in such a way that the artworks are representations of generations.
Here are a number of my works that will be featured on the walls of the heritage house.

Crazy Daisy (April 2017)

My interpretation of a daisy that just had to let its inner playfulness out among the many.

Dusty Lavender (May 2017)

An abstract image showing softness and complexity of shapes and forms that make up a figure that is out of this world.

Mauve Synthesis (May 2017)

Inspired from cell division, the artwork is a still of an on ongoing division of a mauve hued flower-like organisms.

Fly Beyond (May 2017)

An artwork that shows breaking limits or achieving things beyond the expected.
Here are my returning works (most from past posts) that will appear on the exhibit:

Arcadia Tree (April 2016)

A landscape inspired from cool color combinations used to depict Arcadia in Greece in art.

Bizarre Landscape (May 2016)

A landscape showing a fancy and playful set of colors.

Sunrise of 1919 (June 2016)

An artwork that is inspired from the Harper’s Bazaar 1919 cover by Erte.

Spilling Bottle of Cola (July 2016)

An artwork inspired from coca cola art campaigns.
In my next post, I’ll be uploading the works under my Ink X Watercolor medium group.

The HEARTH Art Exhibit will take place in the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home, Pasay City, Metro Manila. The event features an experienced artist along with younger artists.

One of the official invites for the HEARTH Art Exhibit.

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