Introducing VIBRANT Art Studios

VIBRANT Art Studios is up! Finally I’ve set a name and established a business with my best buddy for the arts. We officially have been planning it since and established it on May 14 (just a few days ago).

VIBRANT Art Studios (V.A.S) is a group of young artists with different styles that are in for many goals, such as to become a National Artist, a world renowned artist, and many more.
Why the word Vibrant? Basically it is a combination of my surname and my best buddy’s surname as a representation of the very founders of the group.

Introducing the three artists:

She is my sister and is very skilled in several techniques. Ranging from pencils, to painting, to sculptures, her main forte is realistic. She also does collaborative works with me when it comes to portraits most of the time.

Next up we have my best buddy. Inspired from toy-making, he started with stationery materials such as colored pipe cleaners. Now he has moved on to using other stationery materials that add metallic textures to his works. Handcrafted without the use of high temperature equipment, his works involve a complex process yet he makes them effortless.

Lastly, we have me, the very artist and owner of this blog. I specialize in ink-based medium such as pens and markers. I use them with fragmented patterns and pointillism, and sometimes layer it on watercolor paint. Though I am not that accurate when it comes to anatomy, I tend to be more on the expressive side when I use my art style.
We are also participating in an upcoming art show this June, a first for a lifetime.

Later on I will be posting the works that will be featured in the exhibit.

We also have other pages as well;

Facebook : vibrantartstudiosph

Instagram : @vibrantartstudios


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