A Stop in Monterey

To continue my adventures in the west coast of the United States from September 2016….

From San Francisco and the cities of the north I drove down south through the Pacific Coast Highway to get to LA. After a couple of hours on the road, I stopped in the city of Monterey.

The visit to Monterey lasted only for an overnight stay. The day after I already travelled further down south into Los Angeles.

Indeed it was a short trip, and I even spent some time in Carmel-by-the-Sea.


Still, the seafood, the view, and the aquarium was still something to take a look at. Exploring Monterey started initially the morning after I arrived.

Fisherman’s Wharf 


I loved the ambience of this Fisherman’s Wharf. It was calm and not as noisy as the one of San Francisco. I did not need to deal with crowds as well. It was a pleasant morning walk around the wharf for me and my companions. Despite the chill of the breeze, the place gave warmth. Eventually I headed for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

It was fascinating to see sealife that I don’t get to see in my country. Well to be frank, I don’t always get to see the sealife endemic in my country because the national aquarium (if it is considered one) is small. It’s better to see them in their habitats rather than in containment, that goes for my country’s standards.

This attraction would probably be the highlight for me for this visit to Monterey. It was the main priority my companions and I had in mind when we planned to stop by Monterey before reaching LA.

When they opened the aquarium up it was crazy. People went to all directions around the place. So I decided that I would stick with someone to avoid getting lost inside.

The first area I explored was a hall with a whale skeleton suspended on the ceiling.

There were also art installations all throughout the exhibits of creatures, but what I really emphasized most on were the creatures themselves.

The jellyfish were amusing to see. It was cool to see graceful and elegant sealife float across their aquariums despite being deadly to humans. Don’t let beauty fool you.

Other sealife were spectacular to see. I learned that sand dollars are even living creatures (I knew that corals and anemones were animals, but I did not expect sand dollars to be some sort of urchin 😅). There were also octopuses and varieties of fish.

Besides sea otters appearing, other exhibits were shown with adapted land and dessert habitats of certain creatures.

After I had lunch in the Aquarium and had checked out from the motel, I headed down to LA where I would be spending another big portion of my trip just like San Francisco.



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