A Hidden Sight of Bohol

This is my second time around to the island of Bohol in the Philippines. Compared to my first time, this trip was filled with destinations that aren’t that known on the map unlike the Chocolate Hills and nature preserved habitats of the Tarsiers. I went around Tagbilaran city itself as I didn’t get to see the place as much during my first time. With this recent trip I returned to the Bohol Bee Farm to get some of my favorite tolietries such as honey soapbars, and stayed at the same resort Astoria Bohol.


Right after my arrival on the island, I went straight to the Bohol Bee Farm in the island of Panglao. There I settled in for the morning and had a wonderful breakfast. The food in the farm comes from ingreditents planted and harvested in its land. And with that I was impressed and delighted to taste their own ice cream flavors and cacao shakes. I even ended up buying a box for hot chocolate that tastes exactly their shake.


You have a view of the vast clear water from the restaurant. Sometimes you’ll be able to see two neighboring island provinces which are Siquijor and Camiguin as well.
After that, I toured around the city of Tagbilaran to go inside the National Museum branch in the city, St. Joseph’s cathedral, and a blood compact monument.

Following that I got to the resort I stayed in and ended my first day there. Here are some photos taken in Astoria Bohol.

The next day was my initial trip to Anda, the highlight of this trip. Anda is a town located at the south eastern tip of the island, and takes about an hour and a half to two hours to get there via car from the town of Baclayon. The ride was pleasant and I kept my eyes open as the highway on one side has a view of the water and the other having chocolate hill-like mountains.

The Anda public beach has sand as soft as Boracay and Palawan’s. The shore is shallow, since people can walk far into the sea and you can still see them from a distance.

In a neighboring town, I had lunch in a villa called Pure Shores.

For the afternoon, I ventured into Lamanoc island. There I had to walk through a mangrove before reaching a small port so that you can take a canoe to get to the island. Upon arrival on the island, sealife was everywhere. On the route I took to reach the tourist center, there were several sea cucumbers, sea urchins, britle stars, and many more wandering around the rocks. The crabs even looked like jewelry because they were shiny and metallic in appearance. Some even resembled the United States flag, wherein the crab had stripes of blue, red, and silver. At first I thought the crab was a bottle cap that another tourist just left on the rocks.

Here is a britle star that I took while walking through the rocks and sand.


Here is a photo I took on my way back to the port through a boat ride. It was amusing to see the stillness of the water become a mirror of the sky. The island of Camiguin can be seen in the distance too. This is my favorite shot from this second trip.

That’s all for now. I enjoyed it despite not seeing the chocolate hills or visiting tarsiers for the second time.


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