Zurvan [Final Fantasy XIV]

This is the 2nd installment to my Warring Triad series, fan art from 3 bosses in the sci-fi fantasy game Final Fantasy XIV. My first installment was Sophia which I finished in October of 2016. For this one I started the initial sketch in January 6, 2017 and just finished it today (a few minutes ago actually).

So here it is.

A primal from Final Fantasy XIV.
Zurvan, also known as the Demon, is the third member of the Warring Triad in both Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XIV games (although he simply called “Demon” in Final Fantasy VI). For Final Fantasy XIV he was released in the game’s Heavensward (the expansion of the game) update Patch 3.5 : The Far Edge of Fate last January.

Zurvan in Final Fantasy XIV is a primal (primals are god-like beings of beast tribes) of an ancient centaur race. He is supposed to be a symbol of battle and victory as well. He was captured along with the other members of the Triad by foreign oppressors, known as the Allagan Empire. His notable elements as seen in his trial are fire and ice.

Just like the other two members Sophia and Sephirot who are based on belief systems in the Meditteranean region, Zurvan is based on Zoroastianism (a monotheistic religion in ancient Iran) and is the god of space and time.

That’s all for now. I’m still working of the first member, Sephirot the Fiend. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish him too so that I could complete this series.

And finally I got to finish my first solo work for 2017.







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