Art Fair 2017 

Last Sunday I went with my best buddy and siblings to an Art Fair being held in the busy district of Makati in Manila, Philippines. There was a queue that took quite a while and stretched for a couple blocks before entering the art exhibits.

The event was in a parking lot turned exhibit area in 3 of its floors. There was a lot to look for as it wasn’t just artworks and sculptures, but even jewelry and the arts for sound and motion were represented as well.

Here are some photos I took (this is a really small percentage of works in the gallery).

Very elegant and cute at the same time. I love how playful and organic the shapes of these sculptures are.


Giant origami birds with a simple teal backdrop.


A cool metallic samurai sculpture.

Here are some paintings that can be great backdrops.


A big work of art. It’s very colorful and really striking.


Another sculpture placed on the floor. Below are two more avant-garde sculptures.


Wall installations (the other one is created out of paper cutting).


And to top it off, a few buildings in Makati that can be seen from the rooftop level of the parking lot.



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