Pikachu Party

Today was finally the unboxing of my new Pokemon figures from the PIKACHU Party 6P set, after having it displayed and unopened since  December 2016.

These are the latest additions to my massive Pokemon collection of merchandise items such as figures, plush toys, and accessories like pillows and bags. So far I have collected around 600+ of the 723 pokemon (7th Generation excluded since I only have Magearna at the moment).

I’ve been collecting the figures for 11 years already and some of them are losing their parts but I still keep them anyway (because it’s hard for me to look for figures of the earlier generations in country, unless I buy second handed ones which I’m fine with).

For this post I took some shots of the 6 new additions to my Pikachu figures as there are other variations of Pikachu, being the mascot of the franchise. The packaging is really cute so I decided to keep it because it makes a nice backdrop for future shoots. 😄


That is the group shot of 6 figures included in the set. Notice that one of them is actually a Ditto in disguise (it’s the odd looking one).

Pikachu variations

Ditto disguising as Pikachu


That is all for now, I’m currently still in search for figures of past generations like Wobbufet. I’m also looking forward to collect the newer generation as well, and there are certain ones that already caught my attention like Guzzlord, Mimikyu, Palossand, and Celesteela.


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