Shiva [Final Fantasy XIV]

Making her first apperance in the 2.4 “Dreams of Ice” patch of Final Fantasy XIV, I’d consider Shiva as one of my favorite characters / bosses in the game. Aside from being a ‘primal’ or being that is summoned through a maiden named Ysayle, she appears to be one of the more dynamic bosses as her storyline is given a lot of emphasis.

Well, Shiva is a recurring Final Fantasy character and I do favor her appearance in XIV for many reasons. One, because I absolutely love her appearance and second because of her trial in the game. Additionally her music theme in the first phase battle entitled “Footsteps in the Snow” is really awesome. She also takes the element of ice.

Like other Final Fantasy primals I had already drawn (like Ramuh and Sophia), I decided to make fan art based on Shiva as well. I initially started the artwork on Aug. 28, 2016 although more inspiration came for other artworks to finish first. I recently finished this fan artwork on Dec. 22, 2016.

I used ink-based art materials such as markers and pens from Faber-Castell, Kaiser Craft, Muji, Stabilo, and Staedler.

A primal from Final Fantasy XIV.

I also made a metallic version of her previous to this artwork. I already posted this one in my Metallic Edition post for Summer.



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