Battle for the Enchanting Goddess

My latest artwork is inspired from Philippine mythology, specifically from an epic called the Hinilawod (others call it Sugidanon) from the Visayan region. The Hinilawod in native dialect means “Tales from the Mouth of the Halawod River”.

This work features a scene from the Epic of Labaw Donggon, the second epic in the Hinilawod series. Labaw Donggon, the hero of the second epic, is on his journey to find a wife and ventures into the world in search for the most beautiful. On his third and final quest, he challenges the Lord of Darkness (Saragnayan) so that he could take the bedazzling Goddess of Lust (Malitong Yawa Sinagmaling Diwata) as his own partner.

An artwork showing Labaw Donggon challenging Saragnayan for Malitung Yawa, the Enchanting Goddess.

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