Beyond the Golden Gate Bridge

More photos from my trip to the United States last month. After a few days in San Francisco I ventured into the towns and cities beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. I explored the areas of Marin.

Sausalito, a beauty by the bay, brought me to a dreamy seaside port. I love how elegant everything looked, even how the shops appeared high end but the place overall gave a warm and cozy welcome.

Getting to the Point Reyes Lighthouse was an effort of energy for me. I had to walk a lot before taking 300 steps down to the lighthouse itself and 300 back up. At some point there are also boats that wander around the cold seas for whale watching.

Another place where I had to move, but I didn’t mind it as I walked through a relaxing path in the mdist of giant red trees. It’s really quiet and calm, and I encountered several deers along the sides of the path.

Sometime after I took a morning walk to Old Mill Park in Mill Valley. An 1800s remains of a Sawmill is also there.

Having an adventure beyond the Golden Gate Bridge was special for me, as I never heard about it in my hometown.


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