Works of Summer 2016

Some of my recent works that were finished from May to July, during my summer break. Themes vary from sceneries to characters found in video games, anime, etc.

Sunrise of 1919 – Inspired by Erte [Pen and Ink] (07/05/16~07/07/16)

Inspired by the Harper’s Bazaar 1919 Cover by Erte.

Cairo [Pen and Ink] (07/08/16~07/11/16)

An expressive interpretation of the city of Cairo in Egypt.

Forgotten Playground [Ink X Watercolor] (2014~06/03/16)

A work showing a field with playful days coming to an end.

Ramuh – Final Fantasy XIV [Pen and Ink] (07/08/16~07/15/16)

A primal from Final Fantasy XIV.

Bizarre Landscape [Pen and Ink] (May 2016)





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