Empire Haute Couture 

Here are three artworks done from July 2015 and finished June 2016 (nearly an entire year). The works are inspired from the reality show “Asia’s Next Top Model S3″‘s  13th Episode / Grand Finale Photo Shoot : Haute Couture in Singapore’s Colonial Past.

I am a fan of haute couture and avant-garde designs in fashion especially when the garment can ‘fly’, so I decided to make interpretations of the actual photos. 

1. Monika (Philippines) – Inspired [July 9, 2015 ~ April 23, 2016]


2. Aimee (Singapore) – Inspired [Late 2015 ~ June 12, 2016]


3. Gani (Indonesia) – Inspired [July 9, 2015 ~ April 30, 2016]




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