Touchdown Tokyo

Last October 2015 was my first time to set foot on Land of the Rising Sun. I have always dreamed of visiting the country for sightseeing and collecting exclusive Pokémon merchandise, since I’ve been a huge fan of Pokémon. It isn’t included in this post because I had too many things to carry when I was overjoyed after visiting the Pokémon Center in Ikebukuro.

Tokyo Tower

I was excited to see this monument up close and even go up on it. When I reached the first level of the tower at night I could see the entire skyline of Tokyo, which to me was a perfect way to end the trip before leaving back to my home the day after.



This crossing has so many people in every corner. What I love watching is how waves of people cross to different directions all at once.


Hachiko Monument at Shibuya

…And on one of the sides was this monument that my family and I were trying to find in the sea of a crowd. Eventually we spotted it and it was heart warming to see this monument.



Well I went to this place because my sister wanted to, and my best buddy wanted a figurine so it was an adventure for me to pass by an anime themed district in Tokyo.


Tokyo Disney Sea

One of my favorite theme parks. It brought my younger self to life (even though I feel like a child). It also brought me to other worlds as if I was in Europe and such. Additionally I could not stop eating the seasalt flavored ice cream sandwich that had a shape of a clam.


Mt. Fuji (blocked by clouds across a lake)

Got up to the viewing point to see the lake and the mountain, but unfortunately Mt. Fuji was blocked by a sea of clouds. I still managed to get this shot and imagined as if the mountain was there. 😅


Mt. Fuji Summit

Took a few hours to get up to the last station before the summit of Mt. Fuji. Compared to the pictures I see, I didn’t see the snow but it was still amazing just to see it. The cliuds cover the top pretty fast, and leave pretty fast as well. It was cool to see that below was the sea of clouds as it was blocked from the viewing deck across the lake. Nevertheless, the mountain was breathtaking.


There were so many places that I didn’t get to take a picture of, but I would say that Tokyo is definitely a place worth going back to. In fact I miss the place, and I would want to bring my best buddy around here as well.


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