Reaching Your Dreams


 [I do not own the picture in this blog post. This is a post for my class in English.]

It’s like a penguin,

Dreaming that one day,

He would fly…


You keep dreaming,

But nothing ever happens.

You have to get up.

You have to take action.

You have to make a move…

For it to become a reality.

Sometimes all you ever do,

Is to sit, and wait,

For that star to fall from the sky.

But you see,

Most of the time,

Things don’t work that way.

You will need to sacrifice.

You will need to focus.

So that you can reach them.

Don’t get distracted,

Don’t get carried away,

And don’t get into things that will try to stop you

From reaching your dream.

Don’t ever think…

That your dream is too big.

Too far, to reach.

Don’t ever think…

That you won’t reach it.

All of it starts in your mind.

The way you think.

If you think it’s impossible,

then it will be.

But if you are crazy enough to think…

that it is possible,

then it will be. Someday.

As long as you don’t give up,


One day,

You will know if you’ve reached the stars.

After all,

You will realize, that all of your effort,

All of the pain,

And all the sacrifice,

Was worth it.




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