Land of the Rising Sun : Remarkable and Fascinating


[This is a blog post for my class in English]

The Japanese culture and lifestyle is surely different to many. It is a culture that has a very close bond with nature and in technology. Japanese aesthetics is simply unique. It includes the passion for nature, enjoying simple life moments and much more. Now we’ll briefly go into more of this culture’s uniqueness.


This is a Japanese painting entitled Maple Viewing at Takao by Kanō Hideyori. The painting is meant to show the lifestyle of the Japanese during the mid-16th Century.

The Japanese traditional culture in this artwork is seen as very simple. Their lives are shown to be relaxed, and even enjoyable. We may notice people just cherishing their moments by dancing, taking a walk, having a small ceremony and also having a conversation, in the midst of nature. This goes to show how the Japanese have passion and connection for nature. Their clothes, may represent the plants and variety of colors they see around them. Even in modern Japan, the culture still lives as nature is truly important to them.

Notice that most of Japanese culture has something to do with nature. Such as the sakura (Cherry Blossom) and crane, many aspects of the things around them are a blessing. Their literature per se, shows a love for nature. Poetry, such as the haiku, is usually based on nature. Their artworks, mostly from Japanese paper are also very significant. Their traditional paintings, paper cutting works and also paper folding known as origami places an important role as most of these represented nature.

Just like what I mentioned above, the Japanese in this artwork seem to cherish all of these little moments that happen. Taking their time and enjoying it as if it were a once in lifetime experience, it is seen when they take their tea during the a tea ceremony. Well, in the painting above I don’t really see any of them take tea, but they all surely look jolly.

Their culture is interestingly different. The Japanese culture shows a lot of their everyday tools that are based from nature such as chopsticks, paper and even their own food. They’ve got a unique cuisine, in which most are not served in big chunks, but in smaller bits such as sushi. A lot from the culture is also simple. Their traditional tables, cups and other materials during a tea ceremony. Their desserts don’t look extremely fancy, but still look scrumptious. Sometimes it is better to keep it simple. In this case, less is more. But in some other perspectives the more it is, the merrier.


So that’s a Strawberry Daifuku, a traditional dessert which I found really interesting. It really looks appealing even though it does not fancy. So for the Japanese aesthetics, things in Japan are not always big, they seem to enjoy even the simplest moments in life, because life is short. So enjoy it while it still lasts.


P.S. This is just another Japanese dessert I found cute, and has quite some resemblance to a pea.

This was also my very first post. I also don’t own any of these photos.


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